The Landscape Design for SAP Service help customers leverage Flarmp Technologies vast customer experience and industry best practices to design a optimal landscape for new SAP implementations or improve existing landscapes.

Implementing a new application environment or performing an upgrade is the perfect time to architect and plan out your entire SAP Landscape. Flarmp Technologies Landscape Design Solution takes into account all layers of the infrastructure, DB, Central Instance and Application/Batch Servers. Emphasis is placed on ease of management, scalability, sustainable performance, growth and recoverability. This solution follows best practices approach to evaluate and design the necessary infrastructure to support the landscape requirements.

Deliverables include Advanced Sizing information with hardware specifications, Logical SAP landscape diagrams, physical landscape diagrams, Bill of materials and Project plan with detailed tasks, resource requirements and duration for each phases. This service will help customers to Migrate an SAP system to another hardware platform, another operating system, and another database. Flarmp Technologies will analyze and design an optimal plan specific to client's specific SAP landscape and help migrate to new platform with minimal downtime. - Please refer to SAP Migration section for more details.Flarmp Technologies SAP Data Layout service translates the unique performance and capacity characteristics of each individual file system (SAP Data, Indexes, etc…) and maps them directly to the SAN/NAS storage array.

Landscapes can range from dozens to hundreds of servers. This translates to the potential of having a total number of file systems that can reach into the thousands. SAP specific metrics like SAPS for each component are taken into consideration in designing this layout so that each component resides on the appropriate storage tier. NetWeaver and Infrastructure administrators can spend countless number of weeks per year performing the necessary procedure of an SAP System Copy.Flarmp Technologies Automated System Copies allows for the creation of job streams that automate not only the infrastructure components, but also all of the direct SAP GUI Pre/Post Processing steps—saving weeks of manual effort. This automated process removes the need for human dependencies and potential human errors.

Sysdata Base SAP Landscape Replication for ABAP & J2EE solution, integration of infrastructure and NetWeaver tools help achieve landscape replication in a fraction of the time with zero source system downtime thus saving time, valuable resources and money. Many landscapes experience degradation in overall performance, especially as the landscape grows in capacity and concurrent users. Performance Optimization solution evaluates all the critical components of the SAP or Oracle infrastructure, from data layout to database SQL tuning and all layers in-between, to pinpoint the bottlenecks and determine whether an individual component reached it's performance limit.

The uniqueness of this solution lies in the fact that the analysis is done at a specific point in time across all the layers in the I/O stack starting all the way from the application down to the disk spindle in the storage array. Flarmp Technologies will design, architect and build SAP landscape on Virtual Infrastructure provided by VMware. The services include SAP Landscape Design utilizing VMware HA, DRS and VMOTION, SAP technical Architecture design, Local Recovery and Disaster Recovery, System copy automation for SAP landscape on Virtual infrastructure.